Saturday, November 19, 2011

Board Games: Do They Cause Sarcasm?

Harry Potter Clue
Playing a board game as a family is not like in the movies.  It is not all fun and games.  Well, not in my house anyway.  Guess what I am doing right now?  I am ignoring my children as they argue with each other over a game of Harry Potter Clue.

"Ignoring children?  What a horrible parent!"  I can hear the reproach from here.  I figure my kids need to learn to argue effectively to be in good relationships in the future.  It's not like they are toddlers, so no tantrums are allowed (unless they are mine).

To my chagrin, they ARE using their words...unfortunately, it's in a loud and sarcastic way.  I have only myself to blame for that one.  Still, pretty soon I will lose my patience (or my hearing, not sure which will go first) and I will have to end the "fun" the way only this mom knows how: time to put the game away.  And then I will get, "But Mommy..." as if I haven't heard all their excuses already.

Sometimes, it is a struggle to get my almost-middle-schoolers to treat each other with respect.  Then again, I wasn't exactly a princess towards my brothers.  Maybe my plan IS working.  They just finished their first game, and are starting their second.  Let's see how many insults I hear this time!