Saturday, July 14, 2012

Memories of a Childhood

As a child, all you want is to feel loved.  It's not just saying the words either, it is showing the child that you love them that makes them feel warm and secure.

In my sometimes dark childhood, there are a few bright spots that make me smile.  Like downing a cold glass of chocolate milk and devouring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my body sweaty and filthy after a day of hard-core playing in the dirt.
Or falling asleep sprawled on the living room floor after a late night of failing to pass level 1 playing Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo (and still feeling pissed that I was never able to).

Even helping my family with the laborious process of preparing tamales, posole, mole, and/or carne asada for family gatherings. 

These are all wonderful childhood memories floating in my head, and I want my children to have the same kind of fond memories that make them smile.

Summer is the perfect time to build these memories.  There is no school and plenty of time to have multiple adventures.  While we have a few lazy days, everything we do is all in the name of bonding.

Cannonball Training
The pool is obviously one of our favorite ways to spend a hot day, either tanning, swimming, or learning to make the biggest splash with a grade-A cannonball.

Water balloons anyone? There is no better way to release some agression than by pelting your enemy, I mean child, and laughing in triumph as the balloon drenches your foe - BWAHAHAHA! (Ok, a little overboard, but those rascals think the same thing - ask them.)   
Skipping rocks

Another favorite: the woods. We are lucky to have plenty of woodsy area and creeks nearby.  Who needs parks when you have nature?  Avoiding poison ivy, picking berries, wading for crayfish, skipping rocks, and going home with mosquito bites are all part of the fun. 

Rescuing turtles that end up on the roads is an old family past-time, even those scary snapping ones that I am sure will bit my fingers off. 

Hiking through Wildwood as we scour the area for all the animals we can find, declaring the one who finds the most or the most interesting the winner - fun stuff.

My husband, passing down his secret recipes to the children, as they cook dinners together.  It is adorable to hear your know-it-all little girl brag to others about the 'banging chicken wings daddy makes' and the 'mouth-watering chili you just have to try.'  If you have stepped foot in my home, you will have heard or tried something amazing my husband has perfected, courtesy of his proud daughter.

My husband's work schedule is erratic, so every little bit of time we have to devote to our family we take full advantage, even if it means midnight bedtimes and noon alarms.  Since I am a night owl this does not phase me. 

Our family movie nights are legendary (even if it is just in our head).  We sprawl out in the living room, laugh and giggle at whatever someone is sharing, and eventually quiet down in time to start a movie, and we finish strong with daddy snoring because he didn't make it until the end. 

There is crap everywhere in the morning, but you know what?  I don't care.  It is just like the morning after a wedding.  You are tired, but it was fun getting there.  There are plenty of things to do to clean up afterwards, but you can carry around the memories of that day with you forever.  And I'm sure my kids will.