Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sydney's Near Death Experience

I just saved Sydney from the perils of 2nd Street.  Sydney does not understand the dangers of cars coming at her.  She does not realize that those vehicles may not be able to stop in time before hitting her, and possibly hurting her.  All she understands is the pretty flowers across the street. 

Sydney is a dog.  Those flowers across the street?  They smell GOOD.  As Sydney stood in the middle of the street, I had no choice but to park illegally on the side of the road and stop to read her tags.  There is no way I could just keep going.  What if someone else did not see her or could not stop and hit her?  What if this was my dog?

Luckily, she was a very sweet lady and she allowed me to lead her across the street, where she belonged.  Unfortunately for me, the owners were not home.  Another nice lady stopped to help me, and while she attempted to ring the doorbell and call the owners, I held on to Sydney while freezing my butt off in my thin sweater.

I noticed the neighbor’s cars in the driveway, so I rang the doorbell and luckily they knew Sydney and her predilection for escaping.  They took her in and I was able to leave with a clear conscience and arrive late to work.  I’d do it again, too. 

As I defrost in my office, I’m thankful Ginger Coleman stopped to help me with Sydney.  It would have taken me longer to figure out what to do, and goodness knows I would have frozen into a statue by then.  Sometimes I don’t stop to think that going out in a thin sweater with wet hair may not be a good idea.  Eh.  At least someone’s family member is safe.  Nothing like a little teamwork!