Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick Days

Yesterday I had one of those days when I had a taste of my past life.  Not when I was a caterpillar or anything, but the one where both my kids were babies.  They both have upper respiratory infections and their fevers were pretty high yesterday.  Waiting for them to break was worrisome.  The amount of work that went into making sure they were okay reminded me of their baby days.  I would never wish that insanity on anyone.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my babies and enjoy all the love they have given me, but their baby days were very stressful.  My kids were both surprises.  My daughter was conceived on a cot in Sarajevo (can't wait to tell her THAT) while I was deployed, and my son was made four weeks after my daughter was born.  Yes, I didn't wait: my kids are almost 10 months apart. 

Let me tell you, when your first born is 9 months old and another baby comes about, that is a tough job.  It didn't help that my husband was deployed at the time either.  So you can imagine the sleepless nights and zombie-like days I had keeping us three alive.

That's what the last two days were like.  Hour upon hour I was on the move getting them this and that, giving baths, making sure they were eating, drinking, ALIVE - and taking their temperatures.  I had a chart with their temperatures and what medications were taken when.  I was doping them with the occasional Mucinex for their coughs plus Tylenol and Motrin, since the fevers were so high.  Anything above 103 scares me.

Perhaps I overreacted, but I think not.  After all, they are my only children.  So with my 2:00 AM bedtime, I'm happy their fevers finally broke.  Thank goodness I have tomorrow off to recuperate!