Sunday, February 6, 2011

UGH! Fans

I used to think that the Raider fans were the freaks of the NFL. That is, until I met the Steeler Nation. Holy cow, they are the most annoying fans! I know this is not going to win me any Pennsylvania followers, and considering it is the state where I live…well, I am kind of surrounded by them. I don’t live in Pittsburgh (thankfully) and though I am sure it is a beautiful place to live, the Steelers are enough to keep me away.

Honestly, no fan is a good sport. All the games are competitions, so a bit of tension is expected. But all this shit-talking is taken too far. Those stupid towels and all this “we went to 7 Super Bowls” – Come on! You didn’t play! Maybe I have been around too many crazies, but I hope Pittsburgh never goes to another Super Bowl for as long as I live in Pennsylvania. I can do without all the fanfare.

I know you are going to say it is no different than sporting a cheesehead as a Packer fan, but that doesn’t make ME a poor sport, does it?