Monday, April 11, 2011

An Ode to Air Conditioning

Nothing makes you appreciate air conditioning more than a hot day in a stuffy office.  It is currently 82˚ outside, while inside my office it is a suffocating 86˚.   No matter how hard my fan is blowing, you feel every sticky degree.
This environment takes me back to my younger days, when my mom was unable to afford the electricity it took to fire up the A/C.  It is not so bad here, but in sunny Southern California, it is deadly. 
At least we had the apartment complex pool to cool off.  Here at work I have a water bottle.  I was able to prance around in a bikini in San Diego.  I would probably get fired if I tried that here. 
I am not complaining, I swear.  I absolutely love when the sun works in Pennsylvania.  I would rather it be a furnace than a freezer in my workplace.
That being said, it is awfully hard to get work done in almost 90˚ weather.  I do not want to make any sudden movements for fear that sweat will start to pour.  
Thankfully, I have air conditioning in my house.  I cannot wait to enter the blissful space of comfortable and strip down to my underwear.  I love you air conditioning!