Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Why do we try to fix things that are not broken?  Why are human beings never satisfied with what we have?  I understand advancement and new ways of making improvement, in theory.  Sometimes, change for the sake of change is not going to get you there.
I am constantly moving furniture around my home.   In my head I get these wild ideas that if I just move this here and that over there, it will flow better.  Or I will have more space. 
Whatever I try, it is all an illusion.  I will be content for a short time, but time and again, adjustments must be made.  The problem is not in the arrangement but the amount of dead weight. 
If you were to prune your bushes, you have a healthier plant that looks and grows better.  If you were to leave all the yuck growing, the plant might die and not produce the following year.
The same concept applies.  If I were to trash the overflow from my home and only allow possessions that fit and work in the area, I would find myself in a much better state.  That shiny bronze statue might look beautiful on paper, but it does not mean it will complement the rest of the collection.  
While I hate to say this, maybe it is time for some spring cleaning.  Or GASP!  Dare I say it?  Perhaps a new place…