Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

As much as I love all things across the pond, especially comedy series on the BBC, I did not watch the royal wedding today.  GASP!  How dare I call myself a lover of all things British? 
Well, like anything else you love, there are things that do not rank very high on the scale.  For instance, while I love my husband, I am not a fan of his snoring.
So while Harry-Potter-land holds my heart, there are things that I adore more than England.  Like sleep.  Since that takes precedence, I was not going to wake up before dawn to watch the coveted nuptials. 
A full 8 hours of sleep is rare in my household, so I treasure each and every snooze I get.  As busy as my week has been, I was NOT going to interrupt my siesta of the dead for a wedding of folks I will never meet.
I am perfectly content to wait for the pictures of the beautiful people splattered all over the newspapers, magazines and the internet.  I am sure there will be no shortage of those!
So while the rest of you haggard Americans struggle with your sleep-deprived selves all day, I will be one chipper Mexicana thanking God because it is Friday! Oh yeah, that’s how I roll.