Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling Old At 30

I never feel old...until I have a hard day of manual labor.  No matter how much I stretch before and after, the next day I definitely feel my aching muscles.  No amount of warm up is enough anymore. 

I spent the day yesterday sanitizing my kitchen.  Not the normal kind of clean up either.  I moved appliances around, scrubbed walls and the floor.  As I found miscellaneous things that DID NOT belong in there, I came to this conclusion: my family can no longer eat.

If you cannot wipe up kool-aid after you have spilled it, and I cannot kick you out of my home, then you are not allowed access to beverages...except water.  Food?  Forget it!  Since you cannot throw garbage in the trashcan, you can dine outside.

I got up this morning with my bones creaking and popping, and I feel every muscle in my body as I move.  This is my reminder of what a thankless job it is to be a stay-at-home mother.  Now I remember why I was so gung-ho to get a job outside the home!

I look around my home at all the unfinished chores and I can almost hear my body weeping…more floors to scrub and carpets to be cleaned.  And that pile of laundry waiting for me? Ugh.  I wonder if I will be able to stand up by weeks’ end.  

I did not have a problem turning 30.  It did not make me feel “old” or any different.  That is, until I started moving.  Now I feel each and every movement my 30-year-old body makes.  I definitely feel “old” now!