Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Gifts NOT wanted

What's the worst gift anyone can possibly get for the holidays?  Everyone can deal with the really cool sweater grandma gives you or the appliances your husband attempts to squeeze by as gifts.  The most horrible gift EVER is weight gained.

This morning I finally had the nerve to weigh myself and I shrieked in despair! I saw 4 more pounds on the scale.  That's my grand total of weight gain for the holidays.  After my shock wore off, I realized that 4 pounds was not that bad.  I gave myself a pat on the back and ate a cookie (I didn't). Seriously though, in the many holiday gatherings and tins of cookies that passed my way, 4 pounds sounds like cake to lose! 

Then I thought of all the things that weighed 4 pounds (a chihuahua, a premature baby) and I got depressed.  I gained my nephew over the holidays!  So I celebrated by eating Outback Steakhouse and living in the moment.  I can lose 5 pounds just as easily as 4, right?