Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is defiinitely a world of instant gratification.  Why?  Technology.  No home is complete without televisions, computers, cell phones and internet.  Who reads newspapers made of paper anymore?  Why wait until Saturday morning to watch cartoons?  You can watch any show or movie at the click of a button.  Why wait?  You don't have to!  Our kids are so advanced compared to us geezers due to this overload.

I watch as my kids play online games and think, I didn't even learn how to type until high school!  They are already doing their homework on Microsoft Word, learning to research on the net, taking computer art clases - and they're only in elementary school.

On the flip side, my mom can't even text.  One of her friends made her a facebook page so she could be my "friend" and be able to see pics of her grandkids.  Since she's on the other side of the US map, this would be a great medium to see the lives of the kiddos and keep in touch.  We could even skype!  Eh, not so much.  She still hasn't accepted my friend request.  To be fair, she doesn't know how...

Whenever I tell my kids that I didn't have a computer, I didn't have cable and that I only had cartoons on Saturday morning as a child, they just can't believe it.  They are in shock!  My daughter gasped, "How did you survive?!"  Well, I played outside, I read and used my imagination.

I know I'm starting to sound old when I wish for the good old days of QUIET.  My kids need something to do at all times.  If the TV or computer isn't on they get bored.  I am honestly okay with a blanket and a good book to read.  Then again, I may just be lying to myself.  I'm typing this on my laptop with the TV tuned into the latest Masterpiece Theater selection on PBS while downloading pictures and checking my iPhone for the latest update on facebook and instagram.  Yeah, I'm a sucker for technology, too!