Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Packers!

My house is a nuthouse, especially during football season.  My husband has managed to make my daughter a Redskins fan, but I've been a Packer fan all my life.  And my son?  He vehemently states, "God made me to love the Eagles."

As you can imagine, loud words are exchanged in our home.  We don't hold back and enjoy watching the games immensely.  Sometimes crying is involved, either in disappointment or anger.  Sometimes stuffed animals are destuffed.  Regardless of the outcome, my kids have learned an important lesson: no matter what, you stick with your team, in good and bad moments.

Does that mean that I have any fellow cheerleaders for tonight's Green Bay game?  Absolutely not!  I just really wish I had a cheesehead sombrero as a companion...