Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Love Muffin

My son is sooooo cheesy.  He's all into girls now and has picked up the cheesiest lines.  He heard somewhere, "If you were a burger at McDonald's, you'd be called a McBeautiful."  REALLY?!  I'd laugh at you!

Today though, he busted out with the cutest line!  We were at the grocery store and had finished our early morning shopping and we were waiting in line.  Since we were getting about an inch of snow, some of the crazies were out buying up all the water, milk and bread.  So to keep busy, we were playing I-Spy.  I spied something blue, my daughter something pink and my son something orange (an actual orange).  When it was his turn again, he said, "I spy with my little eye...something beautiful."

We go through all the flowers, balloons, bears and chocolate boxes in the store.  He says, "No, it's you Mommy."

Awww, he's gonna have some girl eating out of his hand one day.