Monday, January 17, 2011

Peanut, The Toddler

As a parent, the terrible twos SUCK.  Since my household is toddler-free, I have more tolerance for their free spirit.  The little imps happen to be my favorite age group!  I love having the 2-3 year old kids in my life come over: they are full of life, raring to go and everything they see is super cool.  They notice and appreciate everything, even the lint from their belly button.  I should know, I watched as Peanut picked it out and showed it to me this morning. 

As you may have guessed, Peanut the Toddler graced us with her presence today, courtesy of a dentist appointment.  I was comatose as her mom dropped her off.  I so wanted to slap the chipper off her face, but I hadn't had my coffee yet, so I could barely even say hello.  Watching TTH hover made me giggle inside; it reminded me of my younger mom days when I didn't want to leave my kids for anything.  Now they're lucky to even get walked to the baby sitter's door!

Like all children that came before her, Peanut had no problem fitting into our sanctuary.  She ran around, threw every spherical object she could get her hands on and giggled at everything the older kids were doing.  She pet the cat, shied away from the toddler dog, and babbled incoherently about this and that.  All in all, a pretty awesome morning.

Of course, TTH was probably having a heart attack leaving her baby in a new place, so she came and picked her up after 3 hours.  Seeing as poor Peanut had 4 people and 2 pets to entertain, this was not nearly enough time.  Perhaps I can bribe her haggard mother to leave her a little bit longer next time?  I think I smell a date night coming up...